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Greensborough Businesses



Human Centred Innovations


Professor Rajiv Khosla has led his team to develop the bespoke software system of Matlda - the new social robot. The robot aims to mitigate human suffering in different contexts. Primarily, by engaging, enabling, and empowering users with lifestyle-centred multilingual services. The functionality of Matlda includes voice recognition software, a face tracking camera, temperature sensor, illuminance sensor, accelerometer, infrared sensor (guest detection) and LED lights to give the robot expression.

Rajiv Khosla  |  hc-inv.com  |  hci@hc-inv.com  |  0401 478 236


SI Systems

Info Tech

SI Systems specialises in immersion cooling, data centre infrastructure, high-performance computing and building custom technology solutions to meet the requirements of today’s always-changing business needs. We are passionate about delivering innovative industry-leading solutions to our valued clients. Server Immersion Cooling is the future of green data centres. 

Arran Greenhalgh  |  sicooling.com  |  arran.g@sisystems.com.au  


Machines Plus

3D Printing

Machines Plus provides high-grade DTG printers available for purchase from the online store. It specialises in printing on garments and fabric, but can print on almost anything, even golf balls. Machines Plus also offers an installation service, which covers setting up the machine, cleaning procedures, print overview, and in-depth RIP training. 

Gus Altmann  |  machinesplus.com.au  |  gus@machinesplus.com.au  |  425 88 11 71



Wild Melbourne

Nature Engagement

Not-for- profit Wild Melbourne is dedicated to enhancing the Victorian public's understanding of native Australian wildlife, science and environmental matters. The team focuses on inspiring and enabling people to seek their own intimate connections with nature, Wild Melbourne’s ultimate objective is to protect the world.

Leo Guida  |  wildmelbourne.org  |  leonardo.guida@wildmelbourne.org  |  0400 896 567




Promotional Video


Inspireworks focus on corporate communication. It has a team of storytellers, communicators, video producers, film makers, and conversation starters. Inspireworks creates compelling corporate videos that Executive leadership teams love. Whether their client's message is for internal engagement or external promotion, the business knows how to design and deliver video stories that work for the client business and industry sector.

Jonathan Zoch  |  inspireworks.com.au  |  jonathan@inspireworks.com.au




Asbestos Removal Risk Management


Asbestos Removal Risk Management Services (aRRMS) focuses on providing services to the asbestos removal industry. aRRMS seeks to support the asbestos removal industry through its asbestos training packages delivered by aRRMS at its Melbourne Innovation Centre, Greensborough facility and in partnership with the Master Builders Association of Victoria.

Anita Aiezza  |  arrms.com.au  |  anita.aiezza@arrms.com.au  |  0408 897 938



Education Campaigns Australia

Education Communication Consultancy


ECA campaigns for change, causes and community development, specialising in educational communication, learning design, content development and consulting services. ECA's current project is a large teacher professional development and online teaching and learning resource for an education change program on disaster resilience for Victoria's state emergency services. 
ECA is a talented network of educators, digital designers and developers, writers and editors. 

David Williams  |  educampaigns.com.au  |  david@educampaigns.com.au  |  0429 036 887