la sirene brewing

Artisan microbrewery

la sirene banner.jpg

La Sirene is an artisan microbrewery, focussed on modernizing traditional-style beers of French and Belgian origin. The brewery produces small batches of unfiltered and unpasteurised beer, retaining the greatest amount of flavor and character.

Melbourne Innovation Centre has supported La Sirene since the beginning of the recipe development process. The brewery is a sleek set up in MIC warehouse space, including a two vessel brew house, hot liquor tank, cold liquor tank, and a series of fermentation vessels in full food-grade stainless steel.

The production process includes brewing, hand-bottling, hand-brewing, and self-distributing.

 “All of our bottle beers undergo a natural bottle conditioning process, which is an age-old tradition. That allows re-fermentation in the bottle itself. Very few breweries do that nowadays because it’s labour intensive. We believe it gives our beers the unique La Sirene flavour.”