luescher teknik

Specialist sports technology

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Luescher Teknik is a specialist sports technology business. Business owner Raoul incorporates the work he did at Boeing Aerospace into his repairs, combining the engineering of the bike with aerospace composite materials, while his background in elite sport also puts him in a unique position where he knows the demands of the sport and what can be done to improve performance.

 “Primarily, we work with materials and sports,” explains Raoul, Director of Luescher Teknik. “The bread and butter of the business is carbon fibre bike repairs. I use ultrasound scans – I’m the only person in the country using ultrasound.”

Raoul consults on projects for universities. He’s had relationships with Monash University using the Wind Tunnel, Victoria University looking at pedalling dynamics, and has built a few ergometers – “fancy exercise bikes” – for Deakin University.

The Melbourne Innovation Centre has proven not only to be an ideal location for Luescher Teknik, but an ideal space. He has spoken with other hands-on businesses and they’ve helped each other out. “It’s a bit of a cliché, but it feels like a family.”