MENTORING Growth Program

Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

Melbourne Innovation Centre is calling for mentors for its 2018 Mentoring Growth Program. The program will commence in January 2018 and run throughout the year...

At Melbourne Innovation Centre, we provide office and coworking spaces, mentorship, professional business advice, strategic networking, and training workshops and events, all with the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurial growth and business success. To further enhance this growth culture, we are looking for mentors from various professional industries to work collaboratively with our client startups and scaleups. We believe in the value of external support and are calling on experienced professionals to offer insight, identify and fulfil knowledge gaps, and expand growth opportunities for our growing businesses.

+ Who can be a mentor?

This program is open to professionals who have been working in their field for 7+ years. Areas of expertise can include but is not limited to business development, marketing/branding, sales, finance, IT, manufacturing/distribution, and law. Mentors will have worked in a supervisory, management or leadership capacity and will have a willingness to share their expertise. Experience in entrepreneurship, running a business, and professional services is also highly valued. Melbourne Innovation Centre is open to a wide range of skills on its mentor panel.

If you have experience in an area not listed but feel you could contribute to the program, we welcome your application.

+ What is the required time commitment?

The time commitment for the mentorship program is flexible; however, we require mentors to be available for up to two one-hour appointments per month. Depending on availability, mentors may give mentees the ability to contact them via email or phone in between sessions.

+ What assistance will my mentee require?

The program will match clients from the incubator with mentors based on the mentee’s needs. The mentee will drive the relationship, as requirements will vary depending on their needs and the stage of their business. Guidance can include general business advice, strategic planning, information on business development, personal encouragement and confidence building, and/or specific guidance on your area of expertise.

+ Why be a mentor?

Give Back

Having worked hard to achieve your own career, find satisfaction in supporting entrepreneurs in their career development. Solidify your own professional skills and experience personal growth by sharing the knowledge you have gained over many years. Work alongside entrepreneurs who aspire to be highly successful and provide guidance to help them achieve success.

Get trained in Lean Innovation

As part of the Mentoring Growth Program, we are inviting all of our mentors to participate in Lean Innovation and Advanced Startup Workshops. The training will cover Customer Validation, Business Models and Product Development. These workshops will assist you in mentoring incubator members, as well as teach you useful skills to implement in your own workplace.


Mentoring will not only assist with your professional development, it will add value to your business repertoire. Add this experience to your LinkedIn to show your network your expanding profile and get featured on Melbourne Innovation Centre’s website alongside other business mentors.

Expand your professional network

Share your wide network of professional connections with your mentee, while simultaneously tapping into the emerging startup world. Meet new talents and upcoming business leaders who will refresh your mind and give you a new perspective.

Opportunity to work with entrepreneurs

Be inspired by the creativity and energetic minds of entrepreneurs. The Mentoring Growth Program is an empowering and rejuvenating experience for both mentor and mentee, so apply today to be a part of the next generation of entrepreneurs.