When you walk past an office and see someone 3D scanning a 300 year old Japanese samurai sword, you feel compelled to step in and learn more. This is an average working day for Scan-Xpress cofounder, Kevin Warwick.

“3D scanning is a rapidly evolving industry. We service design, manufacturing and engineering departments of small to large companies and a range of private clients to assist with their product development.” Warwick says.

With blue chip clients such as GM Holden, Ford, Boeing and the Australian Defence Force, Scan-Xpress has quickly developed a reputation as industry leaders. They’ve achieved this running a fairly lean business model.

Operating out of Melbourne Innovation Centre’s digital technology focused Northcote campus, Scan-Xpress has now turned its attention to growing the business and building its capacity through internships and employment.

“The equipment we use is quite sophisticated and it is a unique skill set. On-the-job training is required, so we’ve created our internship program to provide opportunities for university graduates,” Warwick added. “There are some very talented students who need opportunities to learn practical skills, on the job. We can provide that.”

Scan-Xpress continues to evolve its business model with the assistance of the business incubation program at the Melbourne Innovation Centre.

“The incubator provides the nurturing and networked environment we were looking for. We are able to attend training sessions and events, but it’s the casual interactions with incubator staff and other incubator clients that are the most valuable.”

The Melbourne Innovation Centre delivers business incubation programs in Alphington, Northcote and Heidelberg West. The incubator provides clients with physical space and a program to support business growth and sustainability. The incubator has had great success, with 86% of its client companies still operating beyond 5 years.

A hotbed for technology startup businesses, Melbourne Innovation Centre encapsulates startup culture, providing a place for small businesses and entrepreneurs to operate, employ, and grow. Participating companies work on a scalable business model, allowing for expansion and revenue growth while avoiding increases in operational costs.

“Business incubators are big news at the moment,” says Melbourne Innovation Centre CEO David Williamson. “We’ve been operating for 19 years and over that time have graduated over 350 companies, creating over 1,300 sustainable jobs in Victoria. Firms like Scan-Xpress are a brilliant example of new and innovative technology driving business and employment growth. We’re very fortunate to be in a position to promote entrepreneurship and work with real businesses, run by driven people, providing high skilled jobs for the future.”