Machines Plus is a printing company providing Australian garment makers with high quality DTG (direct to garment) printers. Focusing on customer delivery, Machines Plus delivers solutions to businesses with a wide range of needs, providing water based, dye sublimation, solvent and UV printing options.

Gus Altmann, Founder and Product Specialist of Machines Plus, established the company after working in the printing industry for 15 years. A graphic designer by trade, he attended Mackenzie University in Brazil before moving to Australia and working with brands such as Canon, Roland DG, Mutoh and DTG.

“I felt there was no one in the market that focused on building relationships with end users, so the natural progression of my career saw me filling that gap by creating Machines Plus,” says Gus.

By helping businesses make the right decision about their printing equipment purchases, Machines Plus aims to sell more than just a printer, but a thorough knowledge of the product.

3d printer

“We care about our customers and their business, their growth is our growth, we want to see successful businesses flourishing,” says Gus.

In July, Machines Plus moved into Melbourne Innovation Centre’s Greensborough site to begin their next phase of growth.

“We find being surrounded by businesses like us, that are keen to learn and develop new skills, necessary to be successful. It creates the right atmosphere for growth and development,” Gus explains. “With the right advice from the Melbourne Innovation Centre, we are already finding new ways to be successful in our field.”

Gus and his team are looking to grow exponentially in the next 3-5 years. With an aim to have thriving and driven sales, marketing, and service teams, they are hoping to open branches in NSW and QLD in the coming years.

In the meantime, there are many exciting things coming up. Machines Plus was recently approached by Roland DG and made Australian Dealers for its entire range of printers. The launch of a trial program has also been proposed, called Try Before you Buy, which will allow small businesses to have access to the Machines Plus printers.

“We have a plan, we have goals and we are focused! Now it's just time for a bit of good old hard work to collect the results,” says Gus.