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Matt de Moiser operates Pollen Interactive at MIC Northcote. While in the business incubator, Pollen has evolved into a full service digital agency.

“Our focus is sharing client stories,” Matt says, “stories that can spark emotions and hopefully inspire change.”

Pollen delivers web, mobile, video and social services, seeing these all as platforms for exchange. His most exciting projects are when a client has a great story to tell and can leverage all these complimentary platforms to share it. “That’s when a campaign becomes something else and can take on a life of its own.”

To sink into Matt’s work more deeply, he’s recently been working on the digital communication strategy for a local school in the lead up to the Northcote by-election. “They desperately needed funding for rebuilding works, but weren’t being heard,” Matt explains. “Pollen managed all of the digital communications including website and social media. It was an incredibly successful campaign – we’re told it was the most closely watched non-candidate Facebook page – ever!”

And they got the money, too!

In addition to Matt’s extensive talents in digital media, he’s also an artist. “I’m really interested in the cross-over between art, advertising, advocacy, and social enterprise.”

Matt finds that creative strategies including disruptive art-based interventions are a really effective way of making meaningful change and raising awareness. The school funding campaign is a case in point – they organised an umbrella parade fundraiser, with money raised from the sale of each umbrella going toward the construction of a new roof for the school.

“All in all, we sold 400 umbrellas and the kids used them to create their own temporary roof,” Matt says. “It was lots of fun, but also an important part of the overall campaign, giving us much needed exposure that was leveraged online using the website, email, and social media.”

More broadly, everyone wants to be the next social media sensation. “The best way we’ve found to make a meaningful impact, is through authentic storytelling and creative disruption.”

Having built a successful digital storytelling business, Matt’s own story speaks of dedication, talent, and creativity. “There’s no work-life balance when you’re an artist,” he shares.

He lets art encroach on his personal life, but in a positive way. “If I’m working on an installation, I’ll try to do it from home and let my kids help. They see me doing these things and it rubs off on them. They’re natural makers, too. I think we all are.”

If you need help with your business’ digital activities, find out more about Pollen Interactive by visiting www.polleninteractive.com.au or get in touch with Matt via email on matt@polleninteractive.com.au.