There is one thing that every small business owner has in common.

Every single one strives toward growth: whether it’s growth in their sales, their team, their range or their online presence, it’s the driving factor behind all their decisions. It’s what makes them who they are and it’s crucial to success.

We understand that always having your mind focused on growth can mean you don’t always have time to research ways to make things more efficient. So we’ve done the hard work for you and collated a list of online tools that have completely changed the way we work. Isn’t technology great?! They can help you improve your brand, be more efficient in your time and increase your quality of work. And – the best part – they’re all FREE!

1. Slack 

We use Slack all the time! It is very common for our team to be based at different sites throughout the week, so we use Slack to stay in contact. In our humble opinion, it’s the best team communication tool available.

The best part about Slack is that it sorts and stores conversations in separate channels. You can make a channel for a certain team, project, topic, etc. Go ahead – try it out! And see how quickly it improves your efficiency and company communication.

2. Wunderlist

Essentially, Wunderlist is a to-do app, but it also allows you to share lists with others and assign them tasks too. At MIC, we use it to remind each other of tasks, to keep each other accountable, and to help keep us all sane. And anyway, who doesn’t love that satisfying feeling of checking something off a list?

3. Canva

Our belief is that Canva is one of the best online tools in the world. It’s a graphic design platform that can transform even the least creative person into a graphics genius. With simple tools and countless templates to choose from, Canva can change the quality of your social media/marketing content overnight.



4. UnSplash

High quality photos, available to use commercially, ready to be downloaded, copied and distributed, and no requirement to credit the owner – all for free. This website is full of amazing images that can be used for your unique marketing purposes.


Every day you should do at least one thing that helps you toward further growth. Let today be the day you sign up for these tools. Tomorrow, you can discover how they work and by next week I guarantee you’ll be using them daily like we do.

Looking for more ways to grow your small business? Check out our upcoming workshops and events on our Events page to learn how to continue building your brand.