Wingrove Street is an entrepreneurial leaders podcast where we hear the story behind the startup. Our first guest is Geert Hendrix, who is trying to change the world through agri-tech startup, Farmwall.

"I rediscovered the things I loved doing as a kid. Keeping fish, being outdoors, being in the garden with my grandparents and parents. The drive for a more meaningful existence, and the desire to make a difference in the world we’re heading into, led me to do what I love and follow my passions and spend my life creating something that brings meaning and value."

Geert Hendix is co-founder of Farmwall. In this inaugural MIC podcast, we discuss how his weekend hobby of building closed-loop aquaponic food systems in his backyard evolved into the Farmwall that exists today. Pursuing his passion in a quest for purpose, Geert was determined to find out how this aquaponics science - where fish feed the plants and the plants take out the toxins for the fish - could be implemented into our daily lives to better feed our cities.

"Successful tech startups need to keep iterating," Geert says. "I see the Farmwall a bit like an iPhone. It's never a finished product. It's ever-evolving."

We invite you to listen to this conversation and be inspired by Geert's journey. From working with Mirvac to re-purpose car parks into urban farms, to seeking investment in creative ways because innovative businesses trying to change the world aren't readily supported by government funding, Farmwall has come a long way since its first iteration.