Specialising in the creation of beautiful high-quality sustainable furniture, Jarryn Allen has built a business that he loves. JR Bespoke Designs is big news in 2019 and scaling fast with over 40k followers on social media and a new factory and showroom in Preston.

For years before establishing his business, Jarryn, a skilled carpenter, would spend his spare time handcrafting furniture in his home garage for himself, family and friends. It was when this ‘hobby’ resulted in regular orders, Jarryn recognised there was significant demand for high quality custom furniture.

Upon joining furniture making cooperative Vic Design Group at Melbourne Innovation Centre in Alphington in 2017, Jarryn was taken by the opportunity the space provided. Providing membership for likeminded furniture makers and designers he could immediately see the value. “The machinery and the room to operate your business from without breaking the bank was critical in the early stages of the business,” Jarryn reflects. “To have conversations and learn from other experienced furniture makers was also incredibly helpful and helped me through important stages of establishing and scaling my business.”

“Social Media marketing is great and doesn't require an incredible amount of time to get your business out there!”

While the business has been established on the foundation of utilising traditional and proven methods of furniture making, it has scaled through the use of digital marketing. With a range of high quality and beautiful products, Jarryn says his product is perfect for Instagram and Facebook, with over 40,000 followers across the two popular social platforms.

“Social Media marketing is great and doesn't require an incredible amount of time to get your business out there. I am constantly posting new designs and images on average once or twice a week, while also doing paid advertisements on Facebook, which I believe is seriously under-priced for its ROI but don't tell Facebook that!”

Jarryn found the biggest challenge to scaling was finding a steady balance between furniture making and business development. Utilising digital tools, Jarryn has been able to scale the brand rapidly, while still being able to meet the demand of his time in the workshop. “One of the next opportunities for us is to hire employees, our scale is now demanding that.”

In 2019, JR Bespoke Designs can be found in its own factory and showroom space in Preston, however Jarryn won’t ever forget where and how the business started, “Even though I have moved to my own factory now, I am still a part time member at Vic Design Group, I just can't leave.”

For more details please visit jrbespokedesigns.com.au or visit their Instagram www.instagram.com/jrbespokedesigns and Facebook www.facebook.com/JRbespokedesigns/