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Northcote Businesses



Star Architecture


Star Architecture’s is a dynamic architecture and interior design practice. The team is dedicated to developing sleek, intelligent designs that identify the architectural potential of a space – and fulfill it. The focus is to fuse sustainability with practical living through the experience of space, materials and light.

Aleksandra Savic Rakocevic  |  stararchitecture.com.au  |  aleksandra@stararchitecture.com.au  



Multimedia & Design

Pollen Interactive is a digital storyteller. Stories are a shared experience; they spark emotions and inspire action. Sometimes, they can even change the world. Whether it’s a website, app, short video or film, game or interactive – to Matt, they’re platforms for sharing stories. The medium is not the message - the message is the client and their next project, campaign or idea. 

Matthew de Moiser  |  polleninteractive.com.au  |  matt@polleninteractive.com.au  |  0403 924 820




3D Scanning & Printing

Scan-Xpress provides 3D scanning and 3D measurement services for Australian Industry. It services design, manufacturing and engineering departments of small to large companies and a range of private clients to assist with product development. Key product applications areas are 3D Measurement, 3D Design and Verification Software, and 3D Deformation Measurement.

Kevin Warwick  |  scan-xpress.com.au  |  kevin@scan-xpress.com.au  |  0418 399 757


Professional services

Your Content

Content Marketing



Your Content is operated by Nathan, formerly a journalist, who now focuses in creating cutting edge content marketing solutions. He offers video content, infographics, articles, landing pages and more,. With quick turnarounds and access to international freelance markets, Nathan takes an agile approach to creating original content for businesses.

Nathan Stanogias  |  yourcontent.com.au  |  nathan@yourcontent.com.au  



United Roads

Civil Construction


United Roads is a Civil Construction group. It provides services such as survey, design and construction of civil projects from road and car park construction to landfill. Most of its work is utilised by private companies and Local Government Councils.

Domenic Luca  |  unitedroads.com.au  |  unitedroads@unitedroads.com.au  |