Excellence in 3D Scanning Technology


When you walk past an office and see someone 3D scanning a 300 year old Japanese samurai sword, you feel compelled to step in and learn more. This is an average working day for Scan-Xpress cofounder, Kevin Warwick.

“3D scanning is a rapidly evolving industry. We service design, manufacturing and engineering departments of small to large companies and a range of private clients to assist with their product development.” Warwick says.

With blue chip clients such as GM Holden, Ford, Boeing and the Australian Defence Force, Scan-Xpress has quickly developed a reputation as industry leaders.

Operating out of Melbourne Innovation Centre’s digital technology focused Northcote campus, Scan-Xpress has now turned its attention to growing the business and building its capacity through internships and employment.

Scan-Xpress continues to evolve its business model with the assistance of the business incubation program at the Melbourne Innovation Centre.