star architecture

Minimal design-oriented architecture firm.

Star Architecture house image.jpg

Star Architecture is a design-oriented architect studio where minimal contemporary design meets sustainability. It was founded in 2014. Aleksandra’s primary project types are residential and high-end residential, and her team is dedicated to developing sleek, intelligent designs that identify the architectural potential of a space – and fulfill it.

Aleksandra Rakocevic moved into artDECL at the end of August, 2015. She urgently needed office space for her business due to a large project. That project is still underway, the scale of three projects in one.

“This is a great location and a peaceful working space. As a business owner, I feel relaxed knowing I don’t have to pay 12 months in advance. I also like the security, with the doors locked outside of business hours, the alarm on, and knowing that someone else is taking care of the space.”

Aleksandra and Elisabet are excited about all their current projects. The project featured in the image is a residential build that seeks to compliment the single level culture of its suburban court by minimising the impact of their double-storey home. They will use timber screens to conceal solid rendered walls and downward sloping timber screens to give the illusion of the house bending towards the ground. The design also includes a garden on the first floor balcony and green side walls of ivy.