Matt de Moiser operates Pollen Interactive at MIC Northcote. While in the business incubator, Pollen has evolved into a full service digital agency.

“Our focus is sharing client stories,” Matt says, “stories that can spark emotions and hopefully inspire change.”

December 18th, 2017

Machines Plus is a printing company providing Australian garment makers with high quality DTG (direct to garment) printers... “I felt there was no one in the market that focused on building relationships with end users, so the natural progression of my career saw me filling that gap by creating Machines Plus,” says Gus.

Melburnians love café culture. But did you know that coffee grounds end up in anaerobic landfill, unable to decompose, ultimately turning our caffeine consumption into methane emissions? MIC’s newest startup, Life Cykel, is reusing the waste of our urban tastes to create sustainable, high-protein food – mushrooms!

October 3rd, 2017

Not-for-profit Wild Melbourne is dedicated to enhancing the Victorian public's understanding of native Australian wildlife, science and environmental matters. Focusing on inspiring and enabling people to seek their own intimate connections with nature, Wild Melbourne’s ultimate objective is to protect the world.

September 12th, 2017

Education Campaigns Australia (ECA) is an educational consultancy that develops school curriculum resources and programs for clients wanting to engage with youth and secondary schools. It offers online and blended learning design and multimedia content development, project management, and specialist educational writing, editing and publishing.

August 8th, 2017

Every bottle of La Sirène's farmhouse ale is an embodiment of its locale. This microbrewery specialises in the enigmatic flavour profiles of yeast unique to the Darebin Parklands, situated behind the brewery at Melbourne Innovation Centre.

How are you choosing to market your brand right now? Facebook? Email campaigns? Letter box drops? How much money are you sinking into these methods currently (think about costs in printing, Facebook ads, labour)? Are you seeing results?

Picture a small-scale, vertical, edible garden that grows herbs and microgreens in urban cafés. It’s environmentally-conscious, sustainable, visually appealing—and it’s being turned into a reality right now by Farmwall at the Melbourne Innovation Centre in Alphington.

We have recently begun advertising our fourth coworking space (check it out here now!), and desks are beginning to fill up. Amidst the excitement of our new space becoming an active hub, I was initially unaware of just how strong the male presence was in comparison to females: more than 90% of members at our new Greensborough space are males...

June 13, 2017

There is one thing that every small business owner has in common.

Every single one strives toward growth: whether it’s growth in their sales, their team, their range or their online presence, it’s the driving factor behind all their decisions. It’s what makes them who they are and it’s crucial to success.

Working tirelessly to stay on top of the upkeep of your small business is like running an endless marathon – you’ll never reach the finish line. If you don’t create time to work on improving your business and searching for opportunities to reach new markets, you will remain stagnant and only ever have small wins...


January 19, 2017

A startup’s wealth lies in its team – which is an issue if you struggle to attract top talent. Take the lead of Melbourne-based small tech firm Scan-Xpress and ensure your startup or small business is millennial-friendly.

David is focussed, intelligent, and ambitious – and is currently working as an Application Engineer at small tech Melbourne firm, Scan-Xpress.


Bern Chandley is a sole-trader furniture maker based in a workshop at the Melbourne Innovation Centre – and he has a humble 38.4k Instagram followers.

Instagram is predicted to overtake Twitter as marketing platform in 2017. With over 500 million active monthly users and 48.8 percent of U.S. brands using it to engage customers, it has well and truly established itself as a platform of social discovery.

December 8, 2016


September 26, 2016

Management is difficult, especially when it comes to setting boundaries. It’s like a professional version of parenting – how do you strike the right balance of freedom and discipline? It’s not an easy task, but there are certain workplace rules that can turn managers into dictators – and that’s when good employees start leaving.

Remember that people like to be trusted.


It’s time to hire your first employee.

A critical moment, for not only will you suddenly be responsible for someone else’s livelihood, but the successful candidate could make or break your business. The right person will double the speed of your operations, hurtling you closer to your end goal. The wrong person…well, they could cause a setback. 

September 16, 2016


September 6, 2016

When you walk past an office and see someone 3D scanning a 300 year old Japanese samurai sword, you feel compelled to step in and learn more. This is an average working day for Scan-Xpress cofounder, Kevin Warwick.

“3D scanning is a rapidly evolving industry. We service design, manufacturing and engineering departments of small to large companies and a range of private clients to assist with their product development.” Warwick says.