Louise Stephens


Louise is the creator of Live What You Love Business Coaching, and is a marketing, business strategy, and retention expert. She works with coaches, healers, and female entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping people and want to turn that passion into their own business.

“In today’s society, many influential and career-driven women are breaking glass ceilings—but at a cost,” Louise explains. “They can’t see a way to have it all. I believe it’s possible to be the high-achieving boss lady while maintaining your wellbeing and being a committed, present partner and role model for your kids.”

Live What You Love Business Coaching assists through one-on-one mentoring and a range of startup and business growth programs. Louise is enthusiastic about her clients. “They have often experienced a personal pain/trauma, and after deciding to create a different life for themselves, they have undertaken training and are now choosing to share their knowledge and help others. I help turn their passion for helping others into a profitable business by empowering them to become the courageous and confident women they truly are!”

Although Louise works with most of her clients online, she sometimes needs to meet in person. MIC Greensborough provides her with a professional working space and access to meeting rooms when required. “There is an intimate group of members and I really like that it provides a community environment, as opposed to feeling like just another ‘number’.”

If you have any questions about what Louise does or know someone who might benefit from her help, please contact her via her website: www.livewhatyoulove.net.au

Nicole Jordan

Nicole pic.jpg

Nicole operates her business as Nicole Jordan—Mental Health Educator. She delivers Mental Health First Aid courses, educating adults in how to provide initial support to people experiencing a mental health problem, worsening of a mental health illness, or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Her target market is workplaces and adult members of the community. Her goal is to have workplaces value trained Mental Health First Aiders as highly as physical First Aiders.

She loves increasing the mental health literacy of the community, decreasing stigma around mental health and delivering better help to people experiencing mental health problems.

Nicole finds MIC Greensborough a “great space to work in with friendly people and fantastic meeting and training rooms.”

If you would like to contact Nicole to conduct a course for your team, email her at nicole@nicolejordan.com.au. Nicole will also be running a Standard Mental Health First Aid Course at MIC Greensborough in the coming months. 

Lisa Cutler

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Lisa Cutler runs a business that shares the same name as her own, providing coaching and leadership services. Her passion is working to empower women through one-on-one coaching, workshops and leadership programs, keynote talks and networking events.

“My business aim is to make work and life easier and more fulfilling, particularly for women,” she says.

She assists with personal and professional development by focusing on career progression and direction, performance and productivity, leadership skills and work-life balance.

Her dream for the business is to expand and empower women internationally. “The world would be a better place with more feminine qualities in leadership and decision making,” Lisa says.

The professional and pleasant office environment at MIC Greensborough enables her to work away from home and she loves finding opportunities to meet and connect with other local business people.

To learn more about Lisa’s business, visit her websites www.lisacutler.com.au and www.thebutterflyprogram.com.

Lisa runs events and workshops regularly, both locally and in the city. She has an upcoming workshop, The Power of Personal Branding for Women, in August at MIC Greensborough.

Brendan Best

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As the founder of Clear Results Consulting, Brendan Best works with professionals and businesses to identify areas of business improvement, change and proficiency. He works in partnership with his clients to facilitate enhanced business performance.

Working with all types of businesses, Brendan specialises in areas including project management, software and technology implementation, and financial reporting and strategy.

“I get enormous satisfaction from working with my clients to achieve personal and professional development, whilst facilitating work-life balance and wellbeing,” says Brendan. “Every day holds new challenges.”

He loves working alongside other business owners at the Melbourne Innovation Centre. “I have met new people and our shared experiences are a positive influence—something not to be underestimated when building a business.”

For more information, contact Brendan at brendan@clearresults.com.au.  

Peter Daams


Peter runs travellerspoint.com, a global online platform for travellers to share their experiences and plan trips. Travellers can map their trips, create blogs and discuss their plans with each other. He started the site back int 2002—it now has over 900k members from around the world. Revenue is generated through advertising and commissions on bookings made through the site.

Travellerspoint.com connects travellers with like-minded people to discuss their plans. “While we can all search for anonymous reviews online,” says Peter, “there is still a big demand for personal recommendations from people who we feel we know.”

Peter would like the website to grow into a go-to destination for travellers who are organising their travels. He is motivated by the great community that loves to travel.

MIC Greensborough appealed for its professional environment with no distractions. “I like the idea of coworking. It provides a space that is clearly set up for working and gives me a good chance to meet people working on interesting projects of their own.”