The SI Systems Modular Containerised Data Centre provides portable, flexible, and reliable solutions for your IT expansion needs.

Arran Greenhalgh runs SI Systems at MIC Greensborough, a tech company specialising in IT infrastructure, data protection, software development, and custom-built tech solutions.

In late 2017, Arran and his team launched their new Modular Containerised Data Centres. The SI Systems Modular Containerised Data Centre takes a whole new approach to data centres. They are not constrained by brick and mortar facilities – these modular units consist of customised and planned components such as network connections, server and storage racks, power, monitoring, ­re detection, software, security, and cooling facilities.

“SI Systems is capturing an emerging market in Australia,” Arran explains. “Containerised data centres provide portable, flexible, and reliable solutions for a client’s IT on-premises requirements.”

These containers are engineered to the highest standards, and with customised specifications, they are appealing in their versatility. Suitable for almost any location, this design is particularly useful for remote and temporary sites, such as regional councils, mining sites, or universities. It is often impractical and cost-prohibitive to build a traditional brick-and-mortar data centre, so the containerised centre is an ideal solution.

It’s scalable and purpose-built, and the unique design allows for a quick and cost-effective way for clients to expand for future growth without the limitations that can come with a traditional data centre. The design is uniquely customised to be a performance optimisation data centre (POD).

SI Systems's Modular Containerised Data Centres are used for disaster recovery and high-performance computing.

“You have your production environment,” Arran says, providing an example, “but you need a disaster recovery site. You can buy a containerised data centre to be your disaster recovery site – a solution that covers all industries.”

The container can also be positioned onsite to assist with high-performance computing. “If someone is doing large amounts of computing, they need a pod that turns up onsite. The containers are an ideal solution.”

The units consist of turnkey components such as climate-controlled cooling, power, monitoring, fire detection, and security. Additional prefabricated components can be added to allow capacity for expansion. The unit is assembled and tested prior to shipping, ensuring it is ready to be commissioned upon arrival – from which time, SI Systems will provide ongoing support on all customer maintenance requirements.

SI Cooling's Modular Containerised Data Centres are set to change the landscape for data centre solutions across Australia and we are incredibly excited to watch it happen!